Customer Assistance

Any claim for failure or incorrect execution of the contract must be reported by the Customer on site to the organizer of the package without delay, so that the organizer can promptly remedy it. If the customer has not received any feedback, he can also make a complaint by sending a registered letter, with acknowledgment of receipt, to the organizer and to EGMONT VIAGGI in Via Francavilla 387 – 98039 Taormina no later than 10 working days from the date of the return to the place of departure. Complaints received after the deadline will not be followed up.
Before making any booking, the Customer is required to inquire about any local events such as, by way of example, the carnival, religious holidays, national holidays, holidays, fairs that could compromise the success of the trip. In this regard, no further complaint can be made to the company EGMONT VIAGGI.
EGMONT VIAGGI undertakes to send the Customer as soon as possible and in writing a receipt of the delivery of the communication and of the fact that the matter has been entrusted to the competent service. In most cases, the final answer will depend on how long it will take for interested suppliers to respond. Telephone complaints or disputes will not be accepted. The costs for the communication of disputes will be borne by the Customer.
In the event of loss or damage to baggage during air transport, the Customer is required to contact the airline before making any complaint to our assistance service:
making you ascertain the loss or deterioration of your baggage before leaving the airport;
subsequently filing a complaint, to which the originals of the following documents must be attached: ticket, declaration of loss, receipt of baggage registration.
In case of loss or damage of baggage during air transport or in case of flight delay, if the Customer has taken out insurance to cover these risks, he is required to file a complaint with the insurance company within the deadline set out in the said contract. The insurance company will only accept applications accompanied by all the supporting documents required by the contract.

EGMONT VIAGGI is not required to take any measures in this regard. For any information, the Customer can contact the customer assistance service at +39 0942 54242 or write to